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…like Panorama Mesdag, Binnenhof, Mauritshuis, The Penthouse, Madurodam, The Pier, Canal Cruises.

Panorama Mesdag: a magical illusion
Panorama Mesdag in The Hague is the largest circular canvas in Europe. Look 360º around you and experience the magical optical illusion created by this panorama of Scheveningen from 1881 in Museum Panorama Mesdag. The view is never the same; the incidence of light is more than magnificent and changes from moment to moment. The vista of the sea, dunes and old fishermen’s village Scheveningen was painted by H.W. Mesdag. Panorama Mesdag is a unique cultural historical monument.

Step through the famous entry gate into the historical Binnenhof (Inner Court) in the heart of our democracy. This is the place where the most important events in the nation’s history took place. It is also where the future is created. The Inner Court in The Hague is studded with monumental old buildings testifying of eight centuries of governing in the Low Countries, but it also has several ample open spaces, all freely open to the public. The Binnenhof is a must-see if you’re in The Hague. Take a stroll through the courtyard and admire the fairytale-like splendour or take the time to take a tour through the various halls. You won’t be disappointed!

Former palace The Mauritshuis dates back to the 17th century. Johan Maurits built this house in one of the most fashionable neighbourhoods of The Hague, right next to the Binnenhof, the place where the Dutch parliament meets. One of the features that makes this location so beautiful is the famous pond, the Hofvijver. The Mauritshuis is one of the most beautiful examples of Dutch classicist architecture and was designed by Dutch architects Jacob van Campen and Pieter Post between 1633 and 1644. The collection consists of about 800 paintings, 50 miniatures, 20 sculptures and various drawings and prints. Some of these paintings were once in the possession of Prince Willem V of Orange-Nassau.
Of the thirty Vermeers known to exist the Mauritshuis has three in its collection: the world famous and widely reproduced Girl with a Pearl Earring, The View of Delft and Diana with the Nymphs. Among the 16 Rembrandts, there are outstanding works such as the Lesson in Anatomy of Dr. Tulp, David and Saul, The Two Negroes and three masterful self-portraits. There are also thirteen paintings by Jan Steen, which depict Dutch daily life in the 17th century, as well as the famous painting The Young Bull by Paulus Potter.

Discover Holland’s highlights and heritage. The interactive miniature park is the ultimate place to discover what makes Holland so unique within a short period of time. Madurodam presents you all the relevant Dutch stories behind the miniature buildings through multimedia and numerous interactive installations. Canal houses, tulip fields, cheese market, a wooden shoes factory, windmills, the Peace Palace, the Delta Works: you will find them all in Madurodam!

The Penthouse
With 42 floors and 132 meters, The Hague Tower (‘Haagse Toren’) is one of the tallest skyscrapers of the city and the highest building you can visit in The Netherlands. Inspired by the famous Flat Iron Building in New York, the building hosts many unique and versatile attractions. At the Veranda Café, the Netherlands’ highest terrace, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. And if you’re in for a delicious diner the Penthouse Restaurant’s menu offers a wide choice and good wines. From the upper floors of the Haagse Toren you can enjoy breathtaking views as far as 45kms: the skyline of The Hague, the coastline to Hook of Holland to the centre of Rotterdam, Delft and Leiden.

The Pier
The famous Pier in Scheveningen is an icon on the Dutch coast. Visitors can fully enjoy a comprehensive range of food, drinks and shopping concepts on offer at the beach resort of Scheveningen’s attraction, combined with the sun, sea and beach. With its light, broad thoroughfares, industrial décor, traditional food trucks, a Ferris wheel, hotel suites and relaxed beach atmosphere, The Pier offers visitors a unique experience in a historical location. The Pier is open daily and all year round from 10.00. Admission to The Pier is free of charge.

Canal Cruises
Get a different perspective while cruising the defensive moat from the deck of a boat. From architecture to hidden gardens, these excursions reveal the hidden gems of the city.

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    The Hague

    The HagueVisit The Hague, a royal city The Hague is a royal city with a high feel-good factor. After all, you might spontaneously encounter members of the Royal Family on the street or in one of ‘their’ stores. You’ll also stumble upon the House of Orange; the many historical monuments, the presence of residential and working Read more

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